An award-winning TV series for a new era of global health where poverty is going down, maternal and childhood deaths are dropping, basic immunizations are increasing, and real advances against major killer diseases are now within reach.

One-hour episodes with powerful stories take viewers to distant lands and the critical front lines of global health challenges. With fast-paced style and engaging characters, this series is unlike any other — immersing a wide audience into global health as never before.

Cielo Global Health Media wins National Headliner Awards

Global Health Frontiers has won first place in the 2017 National Headliner Awards for its work in 2016 in the category of science/health reporting for television.
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Defining Challenge of Our Time
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Season One Episodes

Episode 101 - Virus Hunters, Vaccines For All Children, Island Fever Reports from Southern China, India, and Grenada.

Episode 102 - Medicine Brigades, Asia Lights Up, Ambulance Start-Up Reports from Haiti, the Philippines, and India.

Episode 103 - Golden Rice, Life-Saving Stoves, Eliminating Malaria Reports from the Philippines, Ghana, Indonesia.

Episode 104 - Stunted Future, Trouble With Ticks, Saving Lives At Birth Reports from India, Connecticut, Guatemala.

Our documentary films

Trachoma: Defeating a blinding curse
Dark Forest, Black Fly
Foul Water / Fiery Serpent

Cielo Global Health Media is a nonprofit video production company based in the United States. We create quality news segments and feature documentaries from the worlds of science and public health to entertain, inform and educate viewers globally.